Alive Studios is boutique, creative & fresh.

To stay ahead of the game ALIVE Studios is constantly adapting to the fast paced industry we so passionately decided to commit our time to. From the latest technology to the best software we spare no costs when it comes to the knowledge and education of our team. We look at each new project as a new opportunity to excel in our field.

What sets us apart from our competition really shows in our work. Every art piece we craft is to the finest quality, we give careful consideration to every detail, light source and composition. All our artwork communicates a story to make the intended audience feel drawn into the image.

Our aim is to have our viewers take a really good hard look at our artwork and guess if what they are actually seeing is real or CGI. We achieve this by adding subtle details that you probably won’t even notice but are crucial to fooling the eye into believing that our art is real. All our images are either styled by the client or our interior stylist team.

We also have an open studio policy with our clients, meaning we love them to get involved with the entire creative process. We have found that not only does this allow for a quicker turnaround time and the clients get exactly what they want but also gain a better understanding of our production pipeline.

We specialise in 3D visualisations, animation (fly/walk-throughs), 360 panoramas and Virtual Reality.

ALIVE’s superstars are sourced from all over the globe, bringing over 9 years of creative experience from various design backgrounds under the one roof. Interior design, architecture, film and game development. We have two rules at ALIVE and that is, we don’t hand over bad imagery to our clients ever and the needs of our team members come first. Because we know firsthand an overworked artist is a less productive and less creative one. How do we know this? because the founder of ALIVE Studios is an artist themselves.